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Lexus Introduces The Newest Addition to Its Lineup

The all-new Lexus UX goes on sale today at all Lexus dealerships across Japan. Catering to urbanites in search of a fresh, contemporary and dynamic take on luxury driving, the UX offers the brand’s innovative design, luxury features, and advanced safety in a package that combines charismatic new styling elements and ultra-efficient new powertrains.

Infused with a dynamic attitude, the 2019 Lexus UX is engineered to deliver quick and engaging driving with a Lexus-smooth demeanour, making it a unique entry in the luxury compact crossover segment.

The 2019 UX is the first Lexus developed to use the new Global Architecture-Compact (GA-C) platform. A lightweight yet super-rigid structure, low centre of gravity and refined suspension tuning endow the UX with exemplary handling agility and ride comfort, along with a distinctive driving personality. The UX’s bold and sophisticated personality is characterized by a solid exterior that exudes power and strength, while the wide fenders and compact body convey the vehicle’s agility. Inside, the cockpit invites the driver to enjoy the exhilaration of driving, while the cabin generates an overall sense of spaciousness that is immediately noticeable to the vehicle’s occupants.

The UX possesses the basic proportions that define a crossover vehicle, while the GA-C platform’s rigidity and low centre of gravity make the UX a nimble, sporty car, emphasizing high agility, stability, and ride quality no matter the driving conditions. The UX embraces the latest powertrain technology, underscored by a new 2.0-liter direct-injection inline-4 engine and a 2.0-liter hybrid system. With the latest version of Lexus Safety System+, which includes Lane Tracing Assist, the UX ensures that all passengers travel with the assurance of the most advanced safety technology.

Main features of the all-new UX


  • The UX’s exterior styling exudes strength and power while offering a sense of sophistication and grace that expresses the vehicle’s agile nature. The body’s solid build emphasizes toughness and stability, providing a sense of security for all occupants. The UX possesses body proportions befitting a vehicle with excellent agility, achieved by its aggressive fender shape that flows from the center of the cabin toward the front and rear tires. The GA-C platform’s low center of gravity, in tandem with wide-diameter wheels, bolster the UX’s athletic demeanour.
  • Arrowhead-shaped clearance lamps located immediately above the headlamps, which feature three LED bulbs, render an aggressive front fascia. The eye-catching Lexus spindle grille features a block-style mesh that changes shape depending on the viewing angle.
  • The powerful essence of the UX’s side profile is highlighted by a pair of character lines (one above the other) that swoop from the front of the vehicle to the rear, creating an image of constant motion even when still. The high fender arches and 17-inch wheels add volume to the UX’s personality, as well as deliver excellent aerodynamic performance.
  • The UX’s rear adopts the “spindle” theme, demonstrating a sharp, tight nature. The wing-like rear combination lamp marries the left and right lamp housing to form one complete unit. Three-dimensional upright fins yield improved aerodynamic performance and driving stability, underlining the design philosophy of creating original designs that are both functional and aesthetic.
  • 13 total exterior paint colours, three of which have been newly developed exclusively for the UX, expanded customization options. Newly served up are: “Blazing Carnelian Contrasting Layering,” producing a deep hue of orange clay that changes tint depending how the light hits it; “Terrain Khaki Mica Metallic,” inspired by the color of stones and deep shadows; and “Celestial Blue Glass Flake,” characterized by a solid color peppered with sparkling flakes.


  • The cockpit amplifies the exhilaration of driving. The styling and shape of the cabin generate an overall sense of spaciousness that is immediately noticeable to the vehicle’s occupants. Possessing the silhouette of a crossover vehicle, the UX also offers a low driving position, further enhancing the driver’s sense of unity with the vehicle. Other aspects of the cockpit have been designed around the steering wheel, to evoke a sense that it is a true driver’s machine. Designers strived to create a seamless continuity between the inside and outside of the UX akin to traditional Japanese architectural concepts; the upper section of the instrument panel appears to extend out beyond the windshield into the fenders, delivering an excellent field of vision and a clear sense of the tire placement. The border between the inside and outside of the UX artfully blends together, with the top portion of the dashboard fusing flawlessly with the hood and fenders. The shoulders, center console, and armrests are shaped to convey a reassuringly solid feel, creating an interior with a high sense of security.
  • The UX was designed to encourage the driver to focus on driving, with all controls and gauges strategically placed for optimal efficiency. The center console box and palm rest are melded into one unit, creating a long armrest that provides maximum convenience and ease of use. The console surface has been meticulously refined to the millimetre, with ergonomic specifications fastidiously calculated and operational controls placed in areas that maximize ease of use, such as audio switches being placed at the front of the armrests.
  • The “functional and aesthetically pleasing” theme has also been incorporated in the front seats through sashiko quilting―an age-old Japanese embroidery art―and excellent seat ventilation achieved through the strategic perforation, keeping the occupants comfortable on long journeys. The ornamentation on the top part of the instrument panel was inspired by washi (traditional Japanese paper), lending the UX a distinct Japanese character. The UX also features the world’s first air-condition knob with LED illumination sources wirelessly powered by electromagnetic resonance, providing a unique depth to the interior lighting.
  • Two new interior colors were developed for the UX. “Cobalt” illustrates a blue that injects the vehicle with a sense of sportiness and fashion, and “White Ash” gives the spacious interior a modern flavor.

Lexus UX Key Specifications

Overall length (mm) 4,495
Overall width (mm) 1,840
Overall height (mm) 1,540
Wheelbase (mm) 2,640
Tire and Wheel sizes 17 inches or 18 inches

The UX boasts razor-sharp steering response and excellent stability, owing partly to the new GA-C platform that provides the lightweight vehicle with a low center of gravity and excellent structural rigidity. The UX also utilizes the latest Lexus powertrains, namely, a newly developed direct-injection 2.0-liter inline-4 for the UX 200 and a 2.0-liter next-generation hybrid system in the UX 250h. Both provide exceptional response and match flawlessly with the UX’s handling character, making it emblematic of Lexus’ signature “refreshingly profound” driving character. All the elements come together―steering, braking, and accelerating―and enable a nimble drive with accurate line tracing.

GA-C platform

  • The GA-C platform provides the UX with high structural rigidity realized through the use of Laser Screw Welding, high-strength adhesives, and the reinforced architecture of the rear door frame. Body panels utilize aluminum, resulting in a lightweight vehicle with a low center of gravity. The steering column shaft has been reimagined, with column-mounted electric power steering (EPS). The suspension system benefits from MacPherson struts at the front and a double wishbone setup at the rear, painstakingly tuned and tested by chassis engineers to provide sharp steering response, a flat cornering character, and a comfortable ride.

Direct-injection inline-4 engine

  • Boasting excellent power delivery and an environmentally friendly clean-burning character, the UX’s 2.0-liter direct-injection inline-4 engine allows brisk acceleration through its high-rev prowess and melodious engine sound. Combining revolutionary laser-clad intake valve seats that enhance airflow within the cylinder and yield high-speed combustion within the chamber, the UX boasts world-leading thermal efficiency (UX 200 gasoline engine: 40 percent; UX 250h hybrid system: 41 percent). The engine is also the first-in-the-world to feature cross-hatch grooves on the piston surface to improve oil retention and decrease friction. Other new technologies gleaned from Lexus’ motorsport pursuits have been adapted into the UX, including the high-rev engine that results in enhanced power output.

Direct Shift CVT

  • A mechanical gear set kicks in when the vehicle accelerates from a static position; the continuously variable transmission belt and pulley system subsequently takes over, delivering smooth power at all speeds. The fixed-ratio first gear reduces the load on the belt and pulleys mechanism during start-off and low-speed driving, meaning the pulleys can be made smaller and lighter while providing a wider range of gear ratios. The result is quicker ratio changes during acceleration and an overall ratio spread that helps maximize fuel efficiency.

2.0-liter hybrid system

  • The direct-injection inline-4 engine acts in concert with a newly developed hybrid system, allowing optimal motor assist and engine rpm and realizing excellent fuel economy with a smooth on-road drive.
  • By gauging driving behavior and capitalizing on map information from the navigation system, the hybrid system features a global first eco-drive control that can predict upcoming roadway and analyze real-time traffic reports to optimize charging and discharging of the hybrid battery. Significantly reduced emissions are rooted from efficient operation.
  • The UX is available with E-Four electrical all-wheel drive, specially developed for the GA-C platform. The power delivered to the four wheels is optimized to provide smooth acceleration from a still position, while offering a high level of safety during drives on less-than-ideal road conditions. On surfaces with high levels of grip, the system employs front-wheel-drive, resulting in excellent fuel economy.


  • The F SPORT’s exterior can be distinguished from standard models by its unique side grille, newly-designed F mesh pattern, and custom alloy wheels that have been color coordinated with the jet-black elements of the lower part of the vehicle, including the revised front and rear bumpers. Inside the cabin, special seats, a steering wheel, and gauges evoke a high level of sportiness.
  • The F SPORT exhibits a solid ride quality and enhanced handling, derived from its linear solenoid AVS system that controls damping force to the finest degree, a performance rod at the front of the vehicle, and a performance damper at the rear.

Lexus remains committed to rapidly developing its advanced safety technologies and equipping them into as many of its vehicles as possible. The UX employs the latest version of the “Lexus Safety System+” preventive safety system.

  • The Lexus Safety System+ comes updated with the latest technology. The in-vehicle camera and front-grille-mounted millimeter-wave radar remain an integral part of the safety package as it seeks to further reduce road fatalities and traffic accidents, while easing driver burden and stress. The all-new UX offers the highest level of security, delivering a safe and enjoyable motoring experience.

Lexus Safety System+ Main Features

  • The Pre-Collision System uses an in-vehicle camera and front-grille-mounted millimeter-wave radar to help spot bicyclists and pedestrians during low-light conditions.
  • By combining Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), the new UX makes it easier for the driver to stay in lane. If the system detects a potential lane departure while using Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, LTA alerts the driver with a visual warning and either an audible alert or steering wheel vibration (it may also apply a small steering correction).
  • The Adaptive High-beam System (AHS) automatically reduces brightness in specific regions ahead of the car to avoid harshly illuminating oncoming vehicles or those in front of the vehicle.
  • Road Sign Assist (RSA) acquires road sign information using a camera and navigation maps and displays them on the heads-up display and multi-information display, reducing possible driver failure to recognize signs, encouraging safe driving.

The Parking Support Brakes make driving safer in restricted spaces such as parking lots, where moving vehicles and pedestrians present possible dangers. It detects pedestrians using a rear camera, and if a potential collision is spotted, helps minimize damage with alerts and brake control. The Panoramic View Monitor provides a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding environment, equipping drivers with a composite image of the vehicle’s surroundings.