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Volvo to use NVidia chips for their next generation of vehicles

NVidia has announced that it has tied up with Volvo to supply them with the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX technology for future vehicles. The technology is to power autonomous driving vehicles and it isn’t a technology that is very far fetched and NVIDIA is ready to take on that challenge together with automotive companies.

As technology evolves, the need for greater computing power inside the car becomes a necessity and NVIDIA wants to be that computing power. More known for producing graphic cards around the world for consumers and even businesses, the power of those graphic chips make sense for new technology for autonomous driving.

Enter the  NVIDIA DRIVE AGX, an architecture designed for safety and a platform able to handle increasingly sophisticated AI software. Volvo Cars, a premium brand synonymous with safety and innovation, is developing its next-generation core computer using NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier.

Volvo isn’t jumping straight to full autonomous, starting with at least Level 2 assisted driving feature and slowly moving forward. Both companies are working to also develop better capabilities such as uniquely integrating 360-degree surround perception and a driver-monitoring system. The foundational technology built on DRIVE AGX Xavier is able to ultimately scale up to Level 4 highly automated driving capabilities.

“A successful launch of autonomous drive will require an enormous amount of computing power as well as constant advances in artificial intelligence,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars.