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Uber aims to make personalised ride recommendation

When getting a ride seems to be a straight forward thing by clicking a couple of buttons, Uber thinks that they can continue to improve on it by making it personalised according to a report by TechCrunch. How does it differentiate? In the world where Uber starts offering more styles of rides similarly to the likes of Grab and Go-Jek, users normally can choose between a taxi, a standard car or a luxury or premium ride. Taking all that into account and the user’s history, the new app hopes to be able to replicate and craft out the right suggestions for their users.

“We think there’s a lot to be gained by being a one-stop shop to get somewhere,” says Uber director of product Nundu Janakiram. So instead of giving a user 1000 options, the app tries to select the best one for you. This makes sense especially as ride hailing companies start to expand their fleet of vehicle types. From different tiers of cars to vans, motorbikes and even scooters, consumers are given more and more choices to choose from.

The idea and data shows that in order to get to a certain location, users may have to use multiple modes of transportation. Similarly to when people have to take a bus to the MRT station and then complete the ride with an GrabCar. So in this case, Uber is preparing to complete the multi-modal journey on their app.

Since Uber doesn’t operate in Malaysia any longer, we might see something similar from Grab but it seems these days Grab is focused on the payments play with plenty of food stalls offering customers to pay with GrabPay.

Source: TechCrunch