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Toyota to have the have Android Auto available

Toyota has agreed to add in the availability of Android Auto for their vehicles according to a report by Bloomberg. After only having Apple’s CarPlay available, Toyota has finally agreed to let Google in after showing concerns about security and safety.

This isn’t a simple head unit add-on but rather allowing Android Auto to have a direct access to their cars. Currently, software such as CarPlay and Android Auto have to connect to the car via a device called SmartDeviceLink which is a telematics system developed by Ford.

The strategy of having Android Auto would appeal to more customers as currently 80% of smartphones in the world are powered by Android. Toyota is expected to make an announcement soon about the integration with Android Auto. This is an incredible step for Android Auto as more of their platform is available on more Toyota vehicles around the world.

This will not only speed up development but also the addition of 3rd party software for cars and vehicles. Increasing the ecosystem means better interaction with customers and also better quality programs as well.