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Uber’s new feature lets you switch between personal and business rides

Whilst Uber isn’t operating here in Malaysia anymore, it is still handy to keep the app on your phones because you never know when you might be travelling overseas and having the Uber app handy can be a convenient thing. And when that happens it might be because you are on a business trip and that is where the new feature makes your life a little easier.

Uber calls this program Profile Recommendation whereby it prompts users to check if the ride that they are taking is a business or personal ride. For example, for some companies, staff are given a corporate charge card to use during business trips and having the ability to choose a business ride on the Uber app would mean that the corresponding charge card is then used for payment.

Using machine learning, Uber can predict which profile – and corresponding payment method – an employee should be using, and make the appropriate recommendation. By analyzing billions of Uber trips each year at an aggregate level, Uber can detect patterns and trends that predict the purpose of a trip. Based on early estimates, they expect employees will accept Uber’s suggestion eight times out of ten, which means 80% fewer headaches.

Having these qualities of life improvements is what drives Uber to be technologically advanced which also includes integration to expense software as well as to SAP Concur Locate to enable businesses to help employees stay safe while travelling for work.