The new Tesla Roadster will be shown on Jay Leno’s Garage

Other than small marketing images that were released previously, most people would never have the chance to see the Tesla Roadster until its official launch. Now there is a chance to gain a little bit of insight as the Tesla Roadster will be on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

The only downside to this is that the Tesla Roadster may not necessarily be in its final form as Tesla is still expected to make changes to the design as well as some of the components such as rearview mirrors and wing mirrors. Of course, this doesn’t stop enthusiasts from finding out more about the second generation of the Tesla Roadster.

The episode will see Jay Leno speak with Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen about the Tesla Roadster and what we should be expecting of it. The episode is going to air on the 23rd of August. It is indeed a surprise as most of Tesla is working hard to meet the promised production numbers of the Model 3 instead. Still it is a refreshing piece of news that other developments haven’t been halted in Tesla.