Tesla expands Model 3 production line by building a new one at their car park

Tesla has been in hot water lately, since starting production of their latest model, The Model 3, Tesla has not been able to meet their production targets of 5,000 units a week. They have been improving, no doubt about it but investors are currently spooked. In order to meet those targets, Tesla is doing what they do best, by being flexible.

Instead of building a whole new factory, Tesla has erected large tents enough to cover more than 2 football fields at its carpark at their Fremont Factory. This enabled Tesla to erect up a 3rd assembly line outside in less than 3 weeks.

Tesla is also rolling out their dual motor Model 3 which is their AWD setup. A fully kitted out Model 3 comes at more than USD$75,000 which is expensive considering that the base model goes for only USD$30,000. Tesla has not released any production numbers yet but we assume that with the additional assembly line, Tesla is closer to reaching its golden target of 5,000 Model 3 in a week.

Elon Musk has a very short time before his promise to investors that he will meet those production targets. What does it mean for Tesla? Well, for one thing, customers who placed a deposit of USD$1,000 has yet to receive their vehicles (imagine waiting for a year!). Areas which Musk has identified to be lagging behind include paint shop output, general assembly, and end of line areas of the production and has promised that he will provide as many resources as needed in those areas to meet the demand.