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You can’t get an Uber from Google Maps anymore

Well technically in Malaysia you should be using Grab since Uber has decided to not compete for the South East Asian market. But in other places around the world, Uber is still the main defacto choice for ride-hailing and you could once book an Uber directly from the Google Maps application on your phone. Not anymore.

What made this newsworthy back in January 2017 was that you could book an Uber without having the Uber app. Yes, straight from Google Maps without any jumping between app nonsense. In a recent update to their support page, Google has confirmed that you can no longer book rides from their maps app.

At this point in time, it isn’t known why Google has removed that integration. Speculation points out that due to a low number of users may be one of the causes but alternatively, the whole fiasco between Waymo and Uber could also be the other culprit. In truth, most people I have spoken to have never tried booking an Uber through Google Maps nor do they know that this feature exists.

Seems like perhaps not all integrations and beneficiary.