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GM settles with motorcyclist over self-driving car crash

Last year one of General Motor’s self-driving Chevy Bolt got into a collision with a motorcyclist as it changed lanes. Now, GM has settled the issue together with the motorcyclists as shown in a court filing. The motorcyclist walked away from the crash without any major injuries as the self-driving Chevy Bolt was slowly trying to change lanes in heavy traffic.

The motorcyclist, Oscar Nilsson, was riding his motorcycle along a one-way 3-lane road with the Chevy Bolt located in front of him. As in the report last year, the Bolt was trying to change lanes in slow moving traffic but as the attempt failed, the car went back to its original lane which thus caused Oscar Nilsson to graze against the side of the Bolt.

GM has said that at the time, the Bolt was travelling at 19kmh whilst Nilsson was travelling at 27kmh. In a lawsuit filed by Nilsson, he stated that the crash caused him to have injuries to his neck and shoulders which resulted in him taking disability leave from work.

Both parties were adamant that the other was at fault hence the legal challenge but before we could see any outcome from it, the matter was already settled between the both of them.