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Watch how a self-driving car navigate through the streets [+video]

Drive.AI, a company whose target is to get a self-driving car up and about has just shared a video of their car in action. The company is targeting to launch their self-driving car tests in Texas with safety drivers first. If testing is positive, the company will move towards completely autonomous driving tests.

In the video, you get to see from a viewpoint behind the wheel as well as a view of what the computer sees at the bottom right of the screen. Take note that the video is played back at 3x its normal speed.

Here are some of the key points highlighted by the team at Drive.AI in their blog post.

A couple of highlights from the video:

  • 0:37 As the car proceeds to drive on public roads by crossing a 6-lane intersection, our system looks both ways for a long distance to understand what is happening and how to proceed.
  • 1:19 Cyclist does a double-take on seeing no one in the driver’s seat, yet still offers a friendly wave!
  • 1:53 We encounter a roundabout — this often requires the car to negotiate traffic merging from multiple points.
  • 3:11 Low-angle sunlight can make it difficult to see. Our system fuses the inputs from multiple sensors to ensure accurate detection and tracking.