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Fords latest patent filing shows a motorcycle emerging from a car

Yes, you heard that right, Ford wants to build a car that has a detachable motorcycle come out from it through the front according to recent patent filings. Ambitious, yes, crazy, who knows. In this world of evolving mobility, having a motorcycle come out of a car seems like a world of science fiction.

The first thing which comes to mind was the Cyclone from Robotech because having a motorbike transform into an exosuit is cool. Way cool. Having a bike come out of a car, that sounds pretty much like the recent Batman movies.

According to the patent, the motorcycle will be an electric motorcycle and it is stored between the driver and passenger in the car. The application foresees that in the future if cities ban cars or internal combustion engines, Ford will be able to provide a vehicle where users can park it safely outside the city and allow them to navigate through the city via the electric bike.

This method solves the need for an electric bike range. Again, this is just a patent, no guarantees that Ford will actually build one although I am seriously hoping that they do just for kicks!