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Tesla Electric Semi Spotted on the Road

Elon Musk announced the electric semis last year and since then, there has been numerous bookings by companies to purchase the electric semi. Hopefully without any issues or delays, Tesla will be able to push out more production models out. Currently there has been several sightings of the electric semi and a ArsTechnica reader also recently spotted one on the highway.

According to Musk, the electric semi is filled with batteries from their Gigafactory in Nevada heading towards the car factory in California. It’s good to see it being in actual use on the road carrying heavy loads for actual use. Tesla says that the electric semi, at the highest spec can carry up to 36,000kg at maximum load and still have a range of 800km.

Pretty impressive and that is probably why many companies who rely on a heavy supply chain are already interested and have placed booking orders for Tesla. Amidst all of that, Uber and Waymo have started their own self-driving truck testing as well so the technology space on the trucking industry is really undergoing a revolution.

Image Source: Anthony Kay and Matt Beckman, readers of ArsTechnica