How not to be a road bully [+video]

In Malaysia, we have seen our fair share of road bullies. I get it, when people get behind the wheel of a car, they turn into different animals. Still, there is no reason to go bonkers over small incidents. Sadly, under varying pressures, people will still be people and when stress and anger levels shoot up, some people tend to do really stupid things.

Such as this chap in the US where he was seen verbally abusing another driver. Now there isn’t much to say as whose fault it was but the owner of a BMW driver came down and started shouting at the Ford driver.

In the video below it was shown that the BMW driver actually spat on the Ford driver. This, of course, enraged the Ford driver who then wanted to take matters into his own hands. Watch what happens next.

Driven by rage, the Ford driver tried to exact revenge on the BMW driver only to be red-faced as his car lies on the side of the road. So remember everyone, there is always a more civilised and peaceful way of resolving issues and road rage or road bullying should never be the solution.