Could this company create the next Gundam?

A company whose website shows home appliances has an arm which is completely cool. Meet Prosthesis, the world’s first exo-bionic racing mech by Furrion. It is a large mechanical exoskeleton which looks awesome and it reminds me of Ridley from the movie, Alien.


The Prosthesis is an exoskeleton, so it requires a human to pilot it. Overall, it weighs a fantastic 3629kg and it can run at 32kmh. According to Furrion, the battery lasts for an hour. Not too shabby at all. No mention of how long it would take to fully charge this beast of a thing.

“Prosthesis is the first innovation of our Exo-Bionics division, and we are excited about the potential the future holds,” said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Furrion. “Jonathan Tippett started this concept ten years ago as an art project, trying to build a human controlled machine. From there the idea grew into developing a brand-new human skill (mech racing) that would explore the relationship between man and machine. We think athletes will be excited about the challenge of the new mech racing category, and we are proud to be the innovators of a new sport.”

Prosthesis is outfitted with Furrion’s Vision S observation camera system for safety and a secondary vantage point. Prosthesis is just the first product from the Furrion Exo-Bionics division, with more to come. Furrion will continue innovating with the creation of smaller and more agile mechs––allowing the racer greater flexibility––and will eventually produce a model that athletes can purchase for mech racing. Furrion Exo-Bionics is an initiative focused on the development of large-scale, high-performance exo-bionic technology.

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