Watch Tesla’s secret “Santa Mode”

If you have a Tesla you might realise that the kinds folks at Tesla have a small surprise for you. Dubbed as Easter eggs, you will find a little surprise by discovering that there is a reindeer button which invokes a Santa Mode for your car!


What it does is that this mode will turn your car into Santa’s sleigh on the navigation display and you will see other cars as reindeers. The mode also plays Chuck Berry’s “Run Rudolph Run” when the mode starts and whenever you use the signal lights, you will be delighted with the rings of sleigh bells.

On top of that, if your car is equipped with autopilot software you will notice that all of the roads are shown as icy and snowy. Easter Eggs are easy for Tesla to implement because Tesla cars constantly receive new software updates. Hence getting small pieces of software such as this to be implemented is relatively easy.

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