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When is a MINI not a MINI anymore? When it becomes an SUV! [+Video]

Yes, you read that right. Would Alec Issigonis be turning in his grave right about now? Or has he been turning so much in the past years, he’s dug himself another 6-feet below him?

Purists collectively shuddered when the Mini Paceman and Countryman were introduced, as many fervently believed that both were as far a departure from the essence of a Mini as one one could possibly get.

Want a visual representation of how much bigger they are now? Check out the photo below from

Here’s a short video on that Countryman above if you’re interested:

Past abominations, sorry we meant variations, aside, it looks like Mini is preparing to launch an SUV in 2021, according to Auto Express.

Well the good news is that according to reports from a source within BMW, while the new SUV may be part- or even all-electric, it will not be bigger than the current Countryman. Full powertrain details are currently unavailable though.

You can read the full AE report here.


Images & Source: AutoExpress