Car vending machines to become a reality soon [+video]

Alibaba’s Tmall said in August it would build an “Auto Vending Machine” to make “buying cars as easy as buying a can of Coke.” The so-called vending machine model will allow consumers to browse vehicles on their smartphones and purchase a new ride in only five minutes. The idea with these centres is to pair the ease of buying with a simple and convenient way to test-drive cars before buying.


The process is simple if you see a car you like on the street scan it with a mobile app. Then register your details on the app as well as scan your face in order to schedule a test drive. Go to one of these “vending machines” and scan your face and the car you selected would be provided for you automatically. In theory, it seems all smooth and easy but if it is the Alibaba group, I am sure they can pull it off.

If they get this to product and really create it with the same customer experience as in the video, this will definitely revolutionize the way how the current test drive process is done. Imagine allowing customers to have a full 3 days with your car would say a lot and I am always of the belief that a short 20 minutes test drive is normally insufficient for a customer to decide on buying a car.

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