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Tokyo Motorshow 2017 – Full Photo Gallery!

So we’re finally back after attending the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow (TMS) and what better way to reminisce than to dive right into the show itself!

Happening once every 2-years, whereby the yearly TMS alternates between passenger-cars and commercial-vehicles, this year the theme was “Beyond the Motor”, in which the organisers challenged us – visitors and exhibitors alike – to look ‘beyond the definition of an automobile’.

In short, this year’s theme looked to the future of what many of us would consider to be personal-mobility. A paradigm-shift in thinking of sorts, in which what we see on the roads today, may not be what we’ll see in the near future, and thus we should be prepared for it.

No truer was that of course, than with the players from Japan, who displayed what they consider to be the future of sustainable personal-mobility, that’s far from boring. Enjoy the galleries!


By far the biggest and most active pavilions at TMS 2017 was the Honda stand, which for the first time in TMS history, also included motorcycles, as well as some truly breath-taking future concepts like the Sport EV (above) as well as the Urban EV (below), which by the way, is going into production.

Future-tech was definitely the theme of the Honda pavilion, including a self-balancing bike (see gallery below). Note that both the left and right ‘guide-bars’ aren’t touching the ground! But there was also a lot of eye-candy too, in the form of the NSX and the GoldWing Bagger, as well as a Hybrid Honda PCX Scooter

By the way, you can read the FULL official TMS 2017 Press Release from Honda Motor Corp. Japan at the link here:

Honda TMS 2017 Press Release – 25 Oct 2017

HONDA @ TMS 2017 Photo Gallery…(more photos in the final ‘Best of the Rest’ gallery at the end)


BMW & Alpina

Needless to say the new Z4 (above) was the belle-of-the-ball at the BMW pavilion, with even the mighty M5 playing second-fiddle to it. Alpina were in fine form too, its cars instantly recognizable from their trademark alloys…



Looking like it had come directly from the Frankfurt Motorshow lock-stock-and-barrel, the MB pavilion was home to many of their ‘Dreamcars’, including the delectable AMG GT, born in the ‘Green Hell’



Show-stopper the Viziv stopped me dead in my tracks and got a lot of shutter action for sure, it’s what the new WRX STi may look like, well at least that’s what everyone is hoping for…



Say hello to the IMx Concept! Futuristic definitely, hybrid-powertrain, a given. Nissan also showcased its new Leaf fully-electric car at TMS in Nismo trim no less…



Interesting choice of name for a car, Elaine, but there’s nothing humourous about how it looks! A stunner to say the least, I had the most trouble getting a shot of this car than any other. And don’t let the photos below fool you, the orange Q8 Concept below is HUGE. I’m talking Hummer size…



Oh dear, the LS500h. It’s simply stunning. The ‘h‘ of course denotes it’s a Hybrid, but this thing could run on charcoal for all I care, I’d still want one…



The e-Evolution Concept was quite possibly the most visually-arresting SUV of TMS 2017, again pointing to a future of fossil-fuel free personal-mobility that needn’t necessarily be mundane, while the production ready Eclipse Cross brought a more down-to-earth approach to it all…

TMS 2017 the best of the Rest!


Stay tuned for more coming from Tokyo Motorshow 2017, including something no one else thought to do! (snigger)- Chris Wee.