Malaysian big-bikers caught on dashcam illegally stopping traffic in Thailand to beat red-light [+Video]

This video has been making its rounds recently, and it’s gotten us very angry. It shows a bunch of Malaysian big bikers riding in Thailand, near Narathiwat, who for whatever reason, felt it was A-okay to halt traffic at an intersection so that the rest of the group could beat the red light!

Now not only is this highly illegal without a proper Thai police escort (and only the Thai police are allowed to stop traffic like that, not them), it is also downright rude!

As guests of a neighbouring country, you reflect the image of the country you’re from, thus not only should you always respect its laws and customs (of any country you visit), it’s just plain bad-manners to act this way.

And by the way, this video was shown on Channel 7 National News, Thailand.

Source: Social Media