Another death reported in the US due to Takata Airbags

Takata Airbags gain notoriety due to their faulty airbags when deployed would send shattered pieces of metal into the very people the airbags were meant to protect. Thanks to massive recalls, Takata had to declare bankruptcy.

Associated Press just reported that another man died due to these faulty air bags but it wasn’t a case where the person was driving the car. In June 2016, a man was working inside a 2001 Honda Accord with a hammer and that was when the airbag was deployed and killed him. Police aren’t sure how the airbag was deployed but Honda confirmed that at the point of time, the key switch was in the on position.

Honda spokesman Chris Martin said that the man was dismantling the car’s centre console although Honda isn’t sure what the man was clearly attempting to do. Martin did share that there is a deceleration sensor which activates the air bags mounted on the wall between the engine and passenger compartment.

As the case wasn’t brought officially to Honda, Honda themselves are not able to inspect the car to find the true cause and have to rely on the photos taken by the police to make some conclusions.