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Renault Launches New Nail Polish Range That Double As Touch-Up Paint!

The Renault Twingo is undoubtedly is a super chic car and an ideal choice for lady drivers who need to get about town but who are also attentive to fashion and looks. In order to make the city car more appealing to the fairer sex, the French automaker has introduced a line of nail polishes to match their daily ride!

The Twingo Nail Polish is created in association with designer cosmetics specialist De Blangy. Thanks to a choice of four shades selected to match the popular Dragée Blue, Flamme Red, Etoilé Black and Eclair Yellow finishes that are available for Twingo, this nail polish allows Twingo owners to coordinate their nails with the colour of their car.

But Twingo Nail Polish does more than simply embellish finger nails…

In a world where motoring in built-up areas can entail the risk of picking up small scratches and scrapes, it is sometimes hard to keep pristine vehicle paintworks free of marks. Well, fret not, because this clever new nail polish doubles up as a handy solution doe touching up body finishes with a single brush stroke.

Plus, the Twingo Nail Polish is easy to carry in any handbag, giving nail polish users a convenient way to address any sort of damage their cars incur and to colour their nails anytime and anywhere!

The Twingo Nail Polish is now available to order at the Atelier Renault eShop and it cost €8.90 (RM42.45) per bottle. Even though you can’t get a Twingo here in Malaysia, if you like the colour enough, you can still get the polish because it appears that the company will ship internationally.