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VIDEO: How To DIY A “Friendly” Car Horn To Show Courtesy To Other Road Users

So here’s some interesting questions for you; How often do you use your car’s horn when driving? Once or twice daily? Do you feel irritated by the honking sound or are often startled by the honking noise? Personally, I do and if only automakers could come up with a different option of multiple horns to the driver, the roads would be a nicer place.

Popular YouTuber, Mark Rober has come up with a video that demonstrate how you can easily D.I.Y custom-made horn that allows you have an alternative ways to communicate with other users, like for example, to remind them that the traffic light has just turned green without causing too much annoyance.

Mark added two new soundtracks that are much friendlier-sounding than the stock horn fitted in his VW Jetta. He also took the liberty of installing the mother of all horns – the same type that’s being used in trains and trucks – for those special occasions, like for example, when the pedestrians are really unaware of their surroundings.

So what do you think? Would you consider installing this custom-made horn for your car or is it a step too far?

Source: YouTube