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Mercedes finds good use for their batteries at homes

Mercedes-Benz Energy, the part of the company which focuses on efficient storage of energy has teamed up with solar provider Vivint Solar in a recent report by TechCrunch. This partnership means that Mercedes-Benz Energy will provide batteries for homes with solar power and it is coming to homes in California.

This partnership isn’t exactly groundbreaking because Mercedes did the same back in Germany and their core focus is being able to store energy efficiently for homes which utilises solar power. The core of their technology comes from their automotive batteries which are able to withstand high cycles of charging and discharging. The solar gathers the power on roofs and the homeowners will utilise that power, any excess energy gets stored in these batteries.

So when customers install Vivint Solar systems on their homes, they get the option to add on Mercedes’ batteries. Another benefit of these batteries is that it can also act as a backup to your home. Think of it as a giant UPS (uninterruptible power supply and not the logistics company) for the home.

Besides Mercedes, Tesla is also in this space which makes the Powerwall storage batteries as well as their recently launched solar roof tiles.