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Perodua announces 500 free vehicle inspections as its first giveback for ‘Muhibah di Jalan Raya’ Campaign


Live from Terengganu, Perodua has officially announced its first giveback for its ‘Muhibah di Jalan Raya’ road safety campaign after receiving more than 500 pledges from the public.

The “Muhibah di Jalan Raya Campaign” is a long term road safety campaign that aims at promoting a safer and friendlier road usage by encouraging users to upload their individual pledges as their commitment and contribution for better road safety.

“We believe that one of the main cause of road accidents are due to driver’s attitude and we want to influence that attitude by promoting a community of online users who wants to see positive change on our roads,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk (Dr) Aminar Rashid Salleh (above) said.

The campaign welcomes road users to pledge by uploading a picture or video of themselves with the “OK” sign; their Instagram or/and Facebook with the hashtag #muhibahdijalanraya.

In return for these pledges, Perodua will give back to the community at large. The 500 pledges received from the public unlocked the first giveback from Perodua, in which 500 Perodua customers are given free inspections at any of their 182 service centres nationwide.

On top of this, top 10 most creative posts each month will also receive gifts from Perodua.

Aminar said that the Perodua Muhibah campaign was launched with the staff at Perodua Headquarters in conjunction with the ‘balik kampung’ season during the Chinese New Year celebration in the month of February.

This is due to the fact that road accidents will spike during festive seasons, and more awareness and reminders are needed during these periods.

“As Muhibah Di Jalan Raya campaign is a long term road safety campaign to reduce the accident rates in our country, we welcome the general public to help make this positive change by uploading their pledge to drive safe and courteous on the road, and also to spread the words to their friends and family members.”

To add on further to its road safety campaign, Perodua will also organise the Perodua Tweckbot programme, a Perodua 50-point vehicle inspection at the Giant Hypermarket in Section 13, Shah Alam from 19th May to 21st May 2017.

The 50-point safety check includes an engine check, transmission check, coolant system (include coolant level, fan and temperature), brake system check (include brake fluid and brake pad wear) power steering system check, clutch system check, tyre check, suspension check, electrical system check (include battery, lights and water checks) and engine diagnosis.

In addition to the free 50-point safety check, Perodua will also offer a 20% discount on parts and accessories to its customers who participate in the programme. (Terms and conditions apply).

Since 2011, Perodua has inspected over 4,300 vehicles from all over the country under the Perodua Tweckbot banner.