Nissan Urged to Recall 4X4 Navaras Over Fears They Can Snap in Half


Nissan is under pressure to recall UK’s best-selling pick-up truck after owners posted images on the social media showing their vehicles snapping in half due to severe rust, as The Sun reports.

The rust problem in the UK mainly affects Nissan Navara D40s manufactured in Spain between 2005 to 2008, although some drivers of newer trucks claim that their vehicles  have also been affected as well. Although dozens of drivers have complained to the Japanese automaker no official recall has been made of the popular pickup truck so far.

A law firm is hoping to sue Niss­an on behalf of these owners.

Attwood Solicitors believes up to 35,000 Navaras are affected in the UK and 193,500 worldwide. But Nissan “strongly disputes” the figure, insisting that only a small number of older vehicles are affected by this issue.

Nissan said, “About a year ago we became aware of this potential issue and an investigation was instigated.

“Appropriate steps have been put in place to find satisfactory resolutions for all customers.

“Many vehicles which have been checked and have had no issue.

“However should any concern be found we have a number of options in place to support the customer.”

“Depending on the age of the vehicle, these measures include a free and independent inspection of the vehicle where appropriate on older vehicles, if that inspection shows there’s an issue, we’ll do the right thing by the customer under our warranty and customer service policies.”

“As is standard industry practice, we only recall a vehicle when there’s a safety issue.”

One Navara owner, Richy Holmes, says he was driving his pregnant wife and four-year-old son up to Scotland when the truck snapped in half.

The 50-year-old Sunderland mechanic said that it’s an absolute disgrace that these vehicles are still on the roads, “I was only going a few miles an hour — I dread to think what could’ve happened if I’d been going faster.”

Richy Holmes set up a Facebook group called the Nissan Navara snapped chassis for motorists concerned about these models which now has more than 16,900 members.

Source: The Sun,