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MINI Malaysia Takes Charge with New Fitness Adventure Campaign [+video]

Matin Nazir, trainer from Fuel Athletics

MINI Malaysia has introduced the MINI Takes Charge fitness campaign, where 4 trainers from 4 gyms designed fitness routines fitting to the distinctiveness of the MINI Countryman. The 4 dynamic workout routines are a combination of power, speed, control, strength and adrenaline.

Matin Nazir from Fuel Athletics customized a functional training and CrossFit workout which features moves like the prowler, hill sprints and agility drills; each an improvement and enhancement to speed, coordination, strength and control.

A more focused conditioning workout meanwhile, was tailored by Andrew Kwan from Revelation Republic. His routine focused on moves with deadlifts, kettlebell thrusters and the rower.

Cindy Gan from worked on a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine, a workout that guarantees muscle-building and fat-burning. HIIT also benefits from the flexibility to tailor a person’s training to his or her fitness level – similar to how any MINI owner can customize the car to match or complement his or her personality.

Cindy Gan, trainer from

Meanwhile, Flycycle’s Ishaq Vadillo commissioned a spin workout that focuses on endurance. The lot of high resistance and speed in the routine also makes for a highly interactive and shared experience with others.

Additionally, each gym will also hold a Locker Lottery once every week for a month, beginning the first week of December 2016. A MINI Countryman key will be randomly placed in a new locker each week for one lucky member to test drive the MINI Countryman for a whole week.

As part of the MINI Takes Charge campaign, each respective gym will also offer membership deals for MINI Black Card owners. From December 2016 to January 2017, MINI Black Card owners will receive 10% off a 1-Year Membership at Fuel Athletics, complimentary set of Everlast boxing gloves, water bottle and gel wraps for every purchase of 50 sessions at, an exclusive rate of RM 200 per month for a 3- or 6-month membership at Revelation Republic, as well as 40% off a 1-mile package from Flycycle.

MINI Malaysia will also be closing the year with special year end offers for the entire MINI range of products, including rebates of up to RM 25,000 for the MINI Countryman. Customers can also opt for an ownership package which benefits from MINI Financing, rebates, 2.38% financing interest, as well as Ultimate Protection Program and Enhanced Road Warrior. The MINI Financing package also includes a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with Free Scheduled Service for the MINI Countryman.

The year-end offer will end on the 31st December 2016. To find out more info, visit

Don’t forget to watch the MINI Takes Charge video via the YouTube link down below!