Nissan Almera could add ESC in 2017

2015 Nissan Almera Facelift - 4

With the arrival of the improved Toyota Vios with Electronic Stability Control, this means that the sole Japanese branded B-segment sedan to not feature ESC is the Nissan Almera.

However, that could potentially change. Thanks to insider source and our friends at Automachi, the best selling Nissan model could be fitted with ESC in 2017.


This would be seen as a welcomed move to improve the Almera’s competitiveness, as this Nissan model struggles to compete against its key rivals, namely the Honda City and Toyota Vios. On top of that, the launch of the all-new Proton Persona meant that buyers are presented with even more choices than before.

We will update this spot with more info once we receive them. Stay tuned!

Via: Automachi