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GermanPV is Official Partner of BMW Motorsport


The P in PV stands for “Photovoltaic” and it usually has something to do with solar technology. It looks like BMW Motorsports will be looking towards solar powered cars?

The photovoltaic company GermanPV is Official Partner of BMW Motorsport, and will therefore have its logo in a prominent position on each of the eight BMW M4 DTMs throughout the 2014 season. GermanPV GmbH develops innovative energy concepts and, among other things, provides solutions for charging electric vehicles using renewable energy, such as electric charging stations and solar carports.

“We are delighted to welcome GermanPV into the BMW DTM family,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “Like the BMW Group, GermanPV is also making a significant contribution to the promotion of new technologies, and thus initiating sustainable developments. Therefore, the two companies are well suited to each other. This partnership will undoubtedly give our motorsport programme a positive boost.”

“BMW stands for the same values as we do: an unconditional desire for innovation, extraordinary design, and the highest quality,” added Jens Brannaschk, Managing Director of GermanPV. “BMW is committed to environmental protection and sustainability both in its products and manufacturing plants. And it goes without saying that one thing, in particular, links our two companies: energy. We are striving to find the most effective means of generating energy – and BMW has the most effective manner of transferring that energy to the road, and has always focussed on the environment as well as sheer driving pleasure.”